Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)



 Rhinoplasty is the surgical modification or enhancement of a patient’s nose.



The nose is first and most obvious feature of a person’s face. Its size and form help determine how our faces will look. For this reason, more than half a million people a year in North Amercia choose to undergo this operation. Even small alterations in the shape of the nose may improve our looks tremendously. Rhinoplasty can performed for cosmetic reasons, or because a person has suffered an accident that has changed their nasal structure and created difficulties in breathing.



 Good health is a prerequisite for any cosmetic procedure. The basic goal of the operation is to make improvements to the original nose structure, while preserving and maintaining good breathing. The new nose must blend in well with the rest of the facial features. For this reason, there might be some adjunct procedures that also need to be performed, such as a chin augmentation. Also, the age and sex of the patient must be considered, as well as skin type and ethnic background.



The operation is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. The incisions are normally made on the inside of the nose, but sometimes an incision on the skin between the nostrils is made. The scars are nearly invisible. Through these incisions the skin of the nose is elevated off the cartilage and bone that support the nose. This cartilage and bone is then shaped and sculpted. If the nose needs to be augmented, cartilage from your nose (or elsewhere in your body) may be used to graft the necessary areas. The incisions are then closed and a splint is applied over the nose to allow for prompt healing.



The splint will need to remain in place for one week. There will be moderate bruising and swelling on the face for the first few days. This normally disappear by the end of the first week. There is minimal pain involved in a rhinoplasty procedure, and appropriate pain medication is prescribed. The patient should avoid strenuous physical activity for ten days. Most patients may return to work in one to two weeks.


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