The Infini®: A Two-In-One Treatment With No Downtime

What is Infini®?

Infini® is a unique “laser” device that can improve both the quality of your skin surface as well as tighten sagging face and neck skin, all with a single device.

Traditionally, C02 laser resurfacing or chemical peels have been used for facial wrinkles, brown spots and sun damaged skin. An additional separate procedure such as a facelift or Ultherapy is needed to lift and tighten sagging face and neck tissue.

The Infini® is an advanced Radiofrequency (RF) system which addresses both problems with no downtime. Wrinkles, brown spots, poor skin texture, scars, acne scars as well as loose skin can be improved.

What makes Infini® Unique?

As we move across the different parts of the face and neck, our tissues vary in thickness, even within the same patient. Also, since no two people are alike, skin thicknesses, even in the same part of the face vary between patients. Furthermore, different skin conditions are associated with different depths within the tissue. For example, brown spots on the face are treated at different depth level than sagging skin. The Infini® can be customized to the many different tissue thicknesses that exist within each patient and for each type of problem. This customization allows for more precise treatments that are specific to the tissues and their thicknesses.

Are Infini® treatments painful?

In addition to the benefits of no downtime and customizable tissue depths, most patients find that Infini® is a more comfortable treatment than many other devices. Unlike C02 skin resurfacing with weeks of recovery, dressings, ointments and peeling, an Infini® treatment typically causes 1-2 days of redness with no peeling or dressings. Compared to tissue tightening and lifting with Ultherapy, which often requires a sedative such as Valium due to a higher discomfort level, Infini® usually only requires a topical numbing creme prior to treatment. While most patients would chose to undergo a second Ultherapy only after a prolonged interval, patients don’t seem to mind coming in at four week intervals to complete their set of three Infini® treatments.

This difference in pain level between the two devices may be partially due to the fact that heat generated by Ultherapy goes very deep. In some cases, where the skin is too thin, this heat may go deeper than is needed for an effective result.

In comparison, Infini®’s micro-needle probes are insulated for more specific targeting of tissue with less conduction of heat to non-targeted areas. Infini® also has adjustable micro-needles that can be customized to the many tissue depths found across the face and neck. This technology can give more precise treatments that are specifically tailored to each patient’s unique tissues.

How does Infini® compare to Ultherapy?

Infini® uniquely differs from Ultherapy which, until now, has been considered a gold standard for non-surgical face and neck lifting. Ulthera is an ultrasound which generates heat to stimulate collagen at two fixed tissue depths, 3mm and 4.5mm. Compared to prior devices that didn’t go as deep, Ulthera was based on the premise that deeper penetration may cause more lifting.

Infini® is a radio-frequency device which, like Ulthera, also stimulates collagen. Unlike Ultherapy, Infini® has numerous tiny micro-needles that can be inserted at different tissue depths. This customizable micro-needle technology combined with variable power settings enables more precise tissue targeting, with the possibility of a stronger collagen response.

Because tissue thickness varies across the neck, upper and lower face, forehead, lip area and eyelid skin, customizing the Infini® settings based on tissue thickness of a specific area may further improve results. Also, since muscle and fat have a different collagen content than than skin, concentrating on the full thickness of skin, rather than the deeper fat and muscle which may be reached by Ultherapy, may enhance collagen stimulation and tissue tightening.

As an example, a particular patient measures 2.6mm thick in the lower face (jowl) and 3.5mm in the neck. While the neck falls within the 3 to 4.5mm Ultherapy treatment range, Ulthera may go too deep for an effective response in the less deep jowl which is only 2.6mm.




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