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Buccal Fat Removal

What is Buccal Fat?

Buccal Fat is referred to the encapsulated fat pad on either side of the face. The buccal fat pad sits between the buccinator muscle and the superficial muscles of the face. The removal of the buccal fat pad is used to slim a fuller face and create a more sculpted appearance.

Questions and Answers

How is the Buccal fat pad removed?

There are two methods used to remove the buccal fat pad. The buccal fat pad can be removed during a facelift or through a small incision made in the lining of the cheek .For most patients, isolated buccal fat removal occurs through the inside of the mouth.

Are there any risks with a buccal fat removal?

Yes, the buccal fat pad is located near facial nerves and the parotid duct as well as other vital structures.

What anesthesia is used to remove buccal fat?

Removal of buccal fat alone is done under local with oral sedation. This means taking valium and pain medications prior to the procedure.

Can I go home the same day as the buccal fat removal?

Yes, patients recover at home the same day of the procedure.

Will I have sutures that will need to be removed?

No sutures are absorbable and placed inside the mouth.

Are there restrictions after the procedure?

Limited physical exertion and avoidance of blood thinners are important during the first week following the buccal fat removal. It is also recommended to avoid eating sharp foods such as chips.

How long until I see the “final result”?

It may take up to three or four months to see the full result. How long is the recovery following buccal fat pad removal?


The recovery is typically very quick with minor swelling and discomfort. The first day it is difficult to open the mouth wide and softer foods are recommended. The swelling is minimal and there may be bruising. Within a week to ten days the sutures inside the cheek dissolve. Most patients can return to work within a day or two following the procedure.


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