Direct Neck Lift

Direct Neck Lift

What is Direct Neck Lift?

A direct neck lift is a procedure used to remove excess skin from the central neck area. The procedure results in a more defined and youthful appearance!

As our skin ages, it can lose tone and definition. Lacking the natural bone structure that adds form to the face, the neck can actually be even more prone to the effects of this. The central neck (beneath the jawline and around the throat) is a region where loose or ‘scraggy’ skin is especially common.

Who is a Direct Neck Lift Suitable For?

The procedure is typically most popular with middle-aged or older patients with unsightly excess skin around the neck and throat. It may be especially desirable for individuals whose neck shows more signs of aging than their face.

How is a Direct Neck Lift Performed?

An incision is made to the center of the neck and excess skin and fat is removed. In some cases the underlying platysma muscles may also be tightened. Typically the procedure can be conducted using only local anesthetic.

How Common Are Negative After-Effects?

As with many cosmetic procedures, some degree of short-term bruising and tenderness is natural – but long-term complications are rare. However, patients must appreciate that this procedure does involve an incision to the central neck area. While this will heal and become less visible in time, it is a factor to be aware of.

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