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Dear Dr. Adler,

This letter is to thank you for your medical skill, your artistry and the high degree of professionalism with which these talents are executed. I spent a couple of years researching and meeting with various doctors for the facelift and fat transfer your performed. These consults included the “top” New York plastic surgeons. When I saw your results with other patients and sat with you, I knew instantly that I was in the best of hands. The results you have achieved for me are well beyond my expectations.

I find it so interesting that after the surgery, I showed you a picture of what I looked like at an earlier time in my life and instinctively you created this without having seen the picture. Thank you for this great instinct and for turning back the clock! I also want to acknowledge the great amount of support and care given by you and your staff. I think this unusual mix of skill, professionalism, warmth and caring is hard to find these days and is to be acknowledge and appreciated.


Licensed Psychologist

High-Flying ‘Thank You’ for Dr. Stephen Adler

A very appreciative patient of Dr. Stephen Adler, facial plastic surgeon, turned to the sky to thank him for his work.


Dr. Adler is an amazing facial plastic surgeon. From the first office visit and conversation with both his office staff and Dr. Adler, I knew I was in the right place for me. His medical/surgical background and skills are exceptional. His demeanor is warm, reassuring, thorough and confident. Everything progressed as it was explained and as expected. There were no surprises. I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery. Recovery suite was awesome as was the 24 hour recovery nurse. Thank you, Dr. Adler!!!

Debbie Vaccaro Weiss

Dr. Adler is an amazingly talented physician with a caring bedside manner.You can trust him to bring out the natural beauty in your face.

Desiree Ardito Mufson

Dr. Adler has to be the most caring doctor I know to him its all about making the patient happy. I recommend him to anybody who wants the best and to look the best. I will be grateful for my new nose and plan on having other procedures done.

Margie Mula Jimenez

Dr. Adler’s work is amazing! I definately recommend him!

Megan Poma

I love, love, love this man! His office staff is the best ever and Dr. Adler is the most knowledgeable and best “bedside manner” of anyone I know. Best of both worlds.

Alexandra Marciales Burton

I’ve been going to Dr. Adler for a few years now and absolutely love his work. If your thinking about going anywhere else..stop. You found the best.

Tammy Bies

He is amazing. And the staff and facility are first class.

Carol Ann Macomber

Spectacular. Spectacular.

Nothing but excellent. I went to Dr. Adler to undo a botched facelift I had done in 2004 in Beverly Hills. I was a working actor (Screen Actor’s Guild) and trusted my face to a mediocre surgeon 14 years ago. Needless to say, it ended my career in front of the camera. After years of research and interviewing dozens of doctors, I was recommended to Stephen Adler by another doctor. After just one surgery he undid everything the first doctor botched, which was no small feat. I not only look like I did before, but Dr. Adler fixed other issues that were concomitant with the 12 years that passed between surgeries. This plastic surgeon raises the bar for every plastic surgeon – not only in the State of Florida – but in the entire world. And, as an actor, who has worked globally, I speak from experience. This is the number one “go to” plastic surgeon. Period.

Adler Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Stephen Adler

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